Secondary Operations

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Secondary Operations

We offer a broad range of secondary operations such as urethane foam filling, drilling, routing, punching, riveting, as well as assembly and full product pack out. In our urethane foam filling operation, we fill hollow blow molded plastic products with a 2-part polyurethane foam. Urethane foam increases structural integrity of the products, and provides insulating as well as sound deadening properties.

From high speed CNC trimming for high volume programs to hand routing, drilling, and trimming for lower volume programs, we can create the finished blow molded product to meet your print specifications. We sand blow molded products as a preparatory operation for painting and work with painters who specialize in the painting of plastic components to produce an automotive grade, color matched class A painted surface. Our finishing services play an important part in making Pinnacle Plastic Products a true turnkey supplier. This full range of secondary operations in conjunction with our product pack out, order fulfillment, and direct shipping capability help you to get your products directly to the market faster and at a lower overall cost.

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Secondary Operation Capabilities


Industries Served
Exterior Automotive
Interior Automotive
Juvenile Furniture
Heavy Truck
Outdoor Recreation Equipment
Sporting Goods
Office / Medical Products
Pressure Vessel
Child Restraint Seating
Lawn & Garden
Highway Barriers
Home Storage Solutions
POP Displays
Many Others
Accepted File Formats Any file format can be read.
Quality Certification ISO 9001 : Certification
Quality Assurance ISO Compliant Quality Control Processes

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